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nothing and frustration around the bay area. good morning i'mer rick thomas in for cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze looking at the bay bridge still enveloped in fog visibility still low. bad timing with folks traveling home after thanksgiving, going back to work. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco airport where delays and cancellations have plagued travelers all morning. >> reporter: it has been a headache. we are used to fog, but this is lower than normal, that's why there are so many problems here and it is lynn gathering. a lot of people that we met today who put off going back until today are regetting it. you can hear the planes at sfo today, you just kasi them. >> i'm flying from sfo to --
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santa barbara, our flight got cancelled due to the fog. now i'm going to miss all my classes today. >> reporter: christian is trying to get to santa barbara those are the trips most impacted short haul trips up and down the west sews there are so many they had to cancel because of fog. -- >> in foggy conditions we are required to space out the airport further. -- the aircraft further. >> reporter: passengers thought there would be a problem when they saw the fog on the way. >> traffic, fog, bad. very bad today. >> reporter: planes were also late getting into sfo these passengers sat on the runway in vegas for half an hour. >> they said it was foggy here. >> reporter: some flights were delayed as long as an hour and 10 minutes. still others were cancelled.
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locals know, when the fog rolls in, you have to apparently wait it out. >> i just reading my book. and taking it easy, trying to not stress about it. >> reporter: there's a live picture of what the skies look like now at sfo. they are hoping this will burn off by mid-afternoon. right now they tell me this is not impacting east coast trips just the short ones up and down the coast here. if that is you they are encouraging you to call before you drive out here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news you see the fog was lifting in that shot of the bay bridge but it has not lifted everywhere. >> hi everyone. we are looking at weak high pressure over the bay area with little mixing it is definitely taking its time. concord has been one of the worst spots visibility
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improving a little over a quarter of a mile. right here around the delta and north of concord is where going to linger the longest. 1:00 is when you will clear. tam now you can see the blanket obvious the north bay everyone else should clear within the hour we could do it again tomorrow morning. big change in our weather, coming up. a judge has delayed the court rainment of a 14-year-old vallejo boy accused of kidnapping a 65-year-old woman this is a picture of king during his court appearance week he's only 14 the crime is so serious prosecutors charged king as adult. they say he kidnapped a woman at gunpoint in front of a store in vallejo the woman was found duct taped and assaulted near i-80. bay area family preparing a memorial service for three of their own following a deadly crash in the sierra
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foothills saturday night on a busy stretch of highway 50 in eldorado county. kira klapper joins us with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the family tells us they will hold the funeral next wednesday in san already recent zoe for a mother, father and their 8-year-old sun -- son, all killed saturday night. -- their 10-year-old daughter survived. their rhee crossed over four lanes and slammed head-on into a van both cars had children in them. investigation is hampered by a lack of witnesses. people in the town of camino say they say gruesome crashes like this a few times each year. they have theories about what caused this holiday weekend head-on collision. >> probably just need to slow it down. get it to slow down somehow. >> slow the speed limit. there was 55 recently in the last couple of years they
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raised it to 65. >> dangerous. >> there was a deer and she saw it limping and she honked and it limped away, half an hour, 20 minutes after the crash. >> maybe the car maybe nicked the deer and during that when it hit -- didn't want to hit it. >> reporter: as for the family in the minivan they are from five mile froms from the crash site a 4-year-old girl died her parents and 1-year-old twin brothers survive. vic lee is following this story he will have more tonight at 5. san francisco general hospital is joining the list of those suing the los angeles dodgers and former owner frank mccourt over the beating of brian stow. the examiner reports the hospital is asking for 1.2 million dollars to cover the cost of providing stow's brain trauma care. his family is already suing the team for 50 million dollars to cover his lifetime medical needs.
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stow was brutally beaten by two people outside dodger stadium. today is cyber monday, a day when shoppers are expected to pound the keyboard instead of the pavement looking for bargains. new technology is changing the face of cyber monday katie marzullo is live in the newsroom to explain. >> reporter: much like black friday now starts thursday, cyber monday starts long before today. some of the deals have been available since wednesday people have much better internet access, in the palm of their hand. cyber monday was in simpler times in 2005, people did holiday shopping online the monday after thanksgiving, that's when they were back in the office with access to high speed internet they didn't have at home. fast forward to tablets and smartphones you can shop anywhere, any time. a google trend expert offered this explanation through the company's uplink.
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>> you may have your smartphone with you while in the store able to comparison shop, make a decision to buy while there or order it online. >> reporter: google is calling it nonline shopping. professor of marketing agrees, there is less and less distinction teen online and instore shopping. >> combining pick up at the store with online ordering, bringing people from the store to the online store, online storefronts to brick and mortar stores. >> reporter: analysts predict shoppers will spend 1.5 billion dollars online today up 20% from last year, plenty to pique the interest of on like crooks. >> bad guys are creating fake e-tailer sites designed to get you to enter credit card information. >> reporter: to stay safe, shop with retailers you know and use a credit card instead
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of a debit card. from google take it easy in cyberspace. >> although some places may be offering a discount, there's a good chance they may extend beyond that so you don't have to feel panicked or rushed. >> reporter: if you are shopping today we created a within stop shop on -- a one stop shop on katie marzullo abc7 news. shoppers flooded stores in record numbers over the weekend. according to the retail federation total spending was 59 boy 1 billion dollars, up from 53 -- billion last year the average holiday shopper spent $423, increase of $25 from 2011. new warning from the white house is putting a damper on the rest of the shopping season. economists warn today people looming fiscal cliff could
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hurt consumer confidence they say the threat of sudden increase in tax for middle class could put the brakes on holiday shopping. news has had an impact on stocks today with target, macy's and other retailers falling, dow down 64 points. still much more ahead, another factory fire in bangladesh days after a deadly blaze at a company that makes clothes for big name retailers here. >> the elect was weeks ago some campaign something heating up again state senator from the bay area wan
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there's been a second fire at a clothing fire in bangladesh, two days after another fire killed more than 100 workers. this is new video of the latest fire. the fire department believes everyone did get out safely. thousands took to the streets today demanding justice. officials say that building had no emergency exits when the fire broke out, workers above were trapped. the factory made products for wal-mart and other companies in the u.s. and europe. the bangladesh government has declared tomorrow a national day of mourning. happening now, egypt's president standing by his decision to give himself sweeping new powers. today president morsi told the nation's tom judges that he acted within his rights. -- his move put him above any oversight, including that of the courts. opposition is denouncing the power grab as dictatorial and vows to press on with protests.
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back from thanksgiving break congress reconvenes with 236 days to go before automatic increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff go into effect this is a live look of the senate floor, you see mcconnell the minority leader speaking now. president obama and congressional leaders are not expected to meet this week they want give staffers more time to work through differences first. the president is expected to hit the road to lied public support for his proposal. -- road to mobilize public support for his proposal. current secretary of date will be termed out in 2014, if elected, ye hopes to expand california's online voter registration program into an online voting program. that fog is hanging tough today itch >> worst spot is sfo, just a
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quarter mile visibility there, sunny and -- sunny and 60 in san jose now. fog in the north bay improving, we are looking at oakland, with foggy conditions, and vollmer peak. a big change all straight ahead. plus, the hidden dangers of those bouncey houses. new report on how many kids they send to the hospital. some bay area school kids get a surprise visit from one of the stars of thedkx ñ
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new study out about the danger of those bouncey houses popular with kids the favorite is home to more than 30 child injuries a day. incredible video showing how kids are getting hurt. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: watch as this inflatable slide goes airborne with children inside then crashes on a crowd. >> i couldn't get up, i fell so hard. >> reporter: 13 people were injured, including children. the most serious cases typically from bounce houses that weren't tied didn't. take a look at this house that flipped due to strong winds and wraps around a pole. the kind of video the authors of a new report about these amusements want parents to consider. researchers say from 1990 to 2010, more than 64,000 children were sent to the er due to injuries in these air-filled playhouses.
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last year an average of 31 children were hurt each day. >> 7% of the children had concussions. we worry about head injuries in particular, in young children. >> that was -- the study published in the journal pediatrics suggest better design may prevent injuries and says there should be better guidelines for using them safely. remember the time when it got deflated and i was convinced my child was inside. it is scary. >> fortunately, he was not. >> he was okay. >> as a parent it is a big panic. no panic this morning when the fog starting to burn off, around the airport -- >> yeah. elsewhere sunny and nice, san jose didn't have any fog at all this, about 60° right now, beautiful shot, elsewhere still very foggy around the golden gate bridge, parts of marin county in the sunshine, elsewhere, you still have the
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pea soup, within the next hour, 1:00, we will see it come to an end. live doppler right now there's that fog, we'll see patches of it overnight again. i don't think it should be as widespread, right now visibility sim proving in concord 2 1/2 miles, fairfield 10 miles, you can see the airport quarter of a mile with four miles half moon bay oakland still lagging behind, santa rosa looking better, upper 50s, still cool fog has been sitting sunny in fremont and 59, livermore 58, salinas right now 60°. partly cloudy today and tomorrow, rain, wind rife wednesday morning and there is more rain -- arrive wednesday morning and there is more rainstorm systems are heading our way. overnight tonight you don't have to worry about upper 30s, delta could be 39, rain stays offshore, mid 40s to around 50 in san francisco.
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here's what is going on today, a little hazy sunshine, temperatures cooler due to all those low clouds we had this morning. here's the first system it is going to tap into subtropical moisture that is going to bring the favored rainfall amounts to the north bay, they are lined up, this next one thursday, another one friday into the weekend. we're talking several inches of rain, just with this system here you can see 5:00, very rainy, the winds are going to be out of the south gusting to perhaps 30 and 40 miles an hour, highest elevations not until this time wednesday we can see the edge of the cold front pushing through the bay area we get a break late wednesday, thursday, we are still looking at more rain. first system from a quarter to 4/10 of an inch along the peninsula up to half an inch around the south bay you can see the most rain will be from the north bay, half inch to an inch, well up to the north higher elevations up to three
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inches up to an inch in the santa cruz mountains. streams, drainage can handle this one. perhaps cleaning out those drains would be a good idea, because there are several more storms to come it promises to be a soggy end of the week and weekend. 64 fremont today, on your way to a nice sunny afternoon all of us will see sunshine eventually, lower 60s upper 50s coast where that fog lingers. 64 watsonville. nice mild temperatures around gilroy and salinas with upper 60s. a little cooler tomorrow, a few more clouds. with wednesday the rain and wind we get a break with this one. thursday, still the second system heads in into friday and all weekend long we will see waves of rain by the end of the weekend into money we're gonna have a lot of rain. >> going to feel like winter. >> yes. something new, san jose's answer to cyber monday the
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city has launched a new website to help you find services more quickly. alerts will also be posted there the city manager says a lot of silicon valley suggestions went into making it easy to find what you are looking for. you will find a link at students at a san francisco elementary school got quite a surprise this morning. warrior star stephon curry showed up to hand out awards. the kids were honored for good character and good effort. some students say they recognized him from a bobblehead the warriors handed out last month. there it is, better than at bobblehead, the real thing. true cost of christmas. how much it is going to cost if you want to buy your sweetie all the gives in the 12 days of christmas. -- all the gifts in the 12 days of christmas.
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new study shows drinking grave fruit juice or the fruit
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can cause a bad reaction with certain drugs. at 5, it wasn't carbon monoxide poisoning but something else that sickened a family in san francisco last night. you will hear what firefighters think is the source. those stories and more at 4 and 5. christmas season arrived in the nation's capital this morning. >> 65 foot tall spruce. the tree will be decorated with 5,000 ornaments handcrafted by colorado residents to reflect this year's theme, celebrating our great outdoors. >> cost of buying all 364 gifts recited in the classic song, 12 days of christmas this year is $107,300. up 6% from a year ago. the price of swans, geese and golden rings are all up, milking maids, ladies dancing
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flat. >> give geese in place of a swan your true love won't mine. thanks for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. you're gonna see a lot of smiles on our contestants' faces this week as they can win as much as $50,000 on the very first question because it is

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